Cody's Road House

 1320 E Broadway Ave
Mattoon, IL

Worst ever

We arrived at 9:10 PM Sat.Aug 23, 2014 During one of our many visits to our daughter at EIU
The greeter wasn’t friendly at all upon our arrival, she looked irritated that she had to stop standing around to walk us to a table. She took us to a booth near the bar where we encountered a table full of drunk men behind us constantly causing commotion and kept calling the waitress (which was the same girl that was waiting on us) for all kinds of meaning requests and even more rounds of drinks, needless to say she was so involved with this table we were left without service. When our steaks came 40 minutes after placing the order but without our baked potatoes we were asked if we wanted something else they were all out of potatoes, they didn’t bother to figure this out when we placed the order, so we have our steaks sitting on the table while waiting for fries to arrive (which we really didn’t want). We had to wait and ask for drink refills, and towards the end of the meal the drunk men kept coming to our table talking to us when we really weren’t interested in talking to them or being bothered. Management should’ve been asked to speak to these unruly customers, but management didn’t seem visible anywhere. The waitress even witnessed the fact that 2 of the men got in an argument which almost resulted in a fight. The meal was too expensive for what we ordered and what we had to endure. Totally disappointed. I asked the waitress if the manager was going to do anything about the way this meal and evening went and she came back and said they said all that they could do is offer a 10% discount, they didn’t even bother to come out and handle this situation on their own, What kind of management reacts to situations like this?

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