Little Sichuan Restaurant

 168 E 4th Ave
San Mateo, CA

Terrible Service. Salty food. Racial abuse.

Firstly, the place smells of cigarette smoke. Avoid sitting anywhere near the entrance or exit doors.

I love Sichuan food. The quantity was reasonable, but the taste was average. It was more oily than all other Sichuan places I have eaten and less spicy than others. Also, there was very less meat. The house special version of a dish is around $8 more than the regular version of the same dish. There was nothing special about the two special dishes we ordered. Avoid ordering special dishes.

We waited for about 20 mins to get our tea. That is the first thing that should have been served. We had to ask 5 times and 3 different people for the tea. We never got water despite asking for it. So we had to finish our dinner without water. Throughout our meal no one came to ask us how the food was or if we needed anything. The restaurant was not even half full. I was with 2 of my Chinese friends and we all agreed that there was lot of favoritism being showed. Especially, the Chinese customers were ignored.

After we were done with the food, it took us another 15 mins trying to get hold of someone who can get us a check. Due to the bad experience, my Chinese friend decided not to tip.

So far I cared less about this whole experience. But what happened next prompted me to give this review. One of the waitresses came outside the restaurant and started abusing my Chinese friend in Mandarin on the road, making racist comments for not tipping and creating a scene. I picked up my mobile to call the cops, but damn, it was dead. While I took my friend’s mobile to call the cops, she started walking away.

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  • 9/12/2015

    Pik tried Little Sichuan Restaurant in Downtown, didn't like it, and rated it . Pik didn't like the food, didn't like the service, and didn't like the ambiance.

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