Masters of the Vine (CLOSED)

 1914 Willamette Falls Dr, Ste 120
West Linn, OR


My husband and I tried this place over the weekend and we will NEVER go back!!!
First off, the owner was BEYOND obnoxious and LOUD!!! HE was very rude to all of his empliyess who seemed to be doing a great job to us. He was ordering them around like they were his slaves. He’s not going to have employees much longer unless he cleans up his act.

Now onto the food, WAY over priced for what you get. We didn’t think that is was anything to swoon over. The salad was ALL lettuce and thats about it. My husbands meal was below satisfactory.

Neeless to say we are not going back to this place, which does look like it was opened before it was finished. Presentation DOES matter.

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