Waffle House

 4575 E Highway 20
Niceville, FL

waffle house store #1162 @ 4575 East Hwy 20

I went there after a night of fun as i have my whole life. I started to notice after my family , friends , and i were eating at the bar stools that the 2 young lady cooks were obviously not educated enough to know the dangers of cross contamination. I sat and was eating my burger which was delicious by the way as i watched 1 of the cooks grab slabs of bacon out of cooler and put it on the grill then she went straight to the her next order and started putting cold cheese on plates with the same hand that had not been sanitized "for sure " i observed in disbelief. Then another lady cook did the same . She grabbed a few slabs of bacon threw them on the griddle and then grabbed pickles and other items that were then cross contaminated and now i sit here thinking to myself “stomach is kinda hurting” however the lady that has been a waitress there for 15 plus years is sweet and very attentive and i believe she didnt even notice that this was happening but i know if my wife or i get sick in the next few days i will be giving that waffle house headquarters a call and there will be proof because it is un- acceptable and i know they probably did not know better, i guess but that is just not acceptable nor is there any excuse for that and i have been going there for years . If my wife or i get sick there will be a lawyer involved because that is just not o.k.

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