Juniors Cafe

 1742 Se 12th Ave
Portland, OR

TREATED HORRIBLY - Will never go back!

TREATED HORRIBLY – Will never go back!
My wife and I decided to grab breakfast here
while our boys were practicing for a flag folding
ceremony for a Memorial Day service at church.
When we were finally seated, and after we had placed
our order, the “music” shifted from a low key Willie
Nelson mix to a high volume combination of
slurred talking over loud noisey instruments
It was difficult to even talk or think over.
Now I have a high tolerance of most things, but this was
over the top. We even asked the people next to us what
they thought of it, and they weren’t happy about it either.
My wife found someone on staff before I did to
request that it either be changed or turned down.
Now, my Bride is respectful, considerate, and kind -
and at the same time articulate enough to communicate
what she wants to say. She also has a degree in restaurant
management, among other things and ran one of the
top restaurants in Portland in her younger days.

So I was surprised when she came back and said
that they weren’t willing to change the music
or turn it down. After a few more minutes,
we decided to eat at the outside table.
No sense letting good food go to waste :)
We took our food to the outside table
where it was quieter & made the best of it.

OK, so here is where, had I not seen it with
my own 2 eyes and heard it with my own
2 ears, I would not have believed it.
I swear, I wondered when the camera crew
was going to come out and say “SURPRISE!”
and that we were on some sort of prank show.

One of the staff, who I later discovered was the
owner, came out with ‘To Go’ boxes and our bill
telling us we couldn’t have food outside.
And after trying to tell her that we came outside
because we couldn’t be inside with that “music”,
she proceeded to tell my Wife that she was
being dramatic and immature and that
clearly this wasn’t her kind of place.
Seriously – this is where I thought cameramen
would be coming out any second from hiding.
Not only was THE OWNER publicly berating us
in front of other customers, but the only
drama and immaturity was from her.
We were completely calm throughout our visit -
and you could ask anyone there & they’d agree.
After our scolding, another couple came out and they,
too had mentioned that they didn’t care for the “music”,
and they were told they were welcome to not come back.
Seriously! It was humiliating, insulting, embarrassing,
and the owner of the restaurant should be ashamed.
Do yourself a HUGE favor and stay away!


Food was decent – but we couldn’t eat it inside the restaurant because of the disturbing and inappropriate sound being played. We ended up eating our food in a church parking lot – and I wouldn’t wish this place on my worst enemy if I had one. It was that bad of an experience…

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