Mimi's Cafe

 17240 Chesterfield Airport Rd
Chesterfield, MO

Consistently Horrible Service. Be warned.

Consistently inferior service.

We have dined at Mimi’s in Chesterfield a number of times over the past several years. Each time we have experienced poor service. It is ridiculous. But today capped it off.

We had to wait ten minutes to be greeted by our waiter, and they were not crowded. The waiter did not credit our bill with our $5 off coupon and we had to wait ten minutes to get it all settled. Due to the horrible service, we did not tip the waiter.

As my wife left Mimi’s the waiter, “Craig L.” stuck his head out the door and very loudly and sarcastically said, “Thank you.”

We reported this to the manager who listened attentively and was about to go in and get free meal vouchers for us.

We simply said, “No, thanks, you’ve done that before and we’ve had it with this place.”

The problem has always been slow service, and inattentive service. The food really is not that great either.

This is our last and final time we will ever go to Mimi’s. It is ridiculously and consistently bad.

I know how these review pages work. The restaurant will get people to post positive reviews to outweigh this negative review.

But, trust me on this: Mimi’s continues to have management and service problems. It is absurd.

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