Hong Kong Taste

 366 Butler St
Pittsburgh, PA


Have been a customer from home and from work. I sent many people to them and most were happy. Recently ordered from work with 5 other others, Was having a difficult time chewing the first bite, spit it into my hand and it was a wire, a wire like the inside of a twisty on a bread bag. Called let them know they said they would send a new order but I was grossed out. They told me they would refund me but I had to give the food back which I did wit the 0ne inch piece of wire. Called to give them another chance had them look up the previous order and asked what they would do for me, just looking for a free egg roll or something. I was told the refund was enough. BEWARE of the new people working there.

Chicken with mixed veg

Good if you like wire with your me, and your insides torn apart.

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