The Brickyard Restaurant and Micro Brewery

 7050 W Palmetto Park Rd
Boca Raton, FL

Not quite up to "Gastro-Pub" level

Pluses; walked in, and were immediately seated. Service was good and prompt. Basics of the food well executed. lots of variety among the beers, flights for tasting available.
Negatives; poor choices for sauces and garnishes. Loud. too many things straight from the freezer or poured from commercial bottle rather than fresh made.
Place has potential, but needs serious attention to the food pairings and the balance of flavors, and plating is lackluster

coconut fried shrimp appetizer

the shrimp were cooked well, not too large, but adequate, fresh, hot crisp and tender. The sauces left a lot to be desired. Marinara and tartar sauce? neither homemade? It needed a spicy sweet sauce and a creamy dip; say, mango, red onion and jalapeno salsa, a hot peanut sauce, or a really good remoulade. plus, the garnish was shredded iceberg lettuce with a tiny dice of tomato; pointless, and just throwing away the ingredients. No one wants to eat that. it needed a more artful plating.

scallops with rice 'pilaf'e pilaf

Scallops (8) medium sized, good size portion, cooked nicely. good exterior sear, tender inside. Forgot the sauce.
When the teriyaki sauce came, it was way too strong for the scallops; it should be served with salmon. the thai peanut sauce related better, but could have used more kick. The “pilaf” was NOT a pilaf (defined as a rice dish that sautés the rice in oil first to get a toasty flavor, then bakes it with a broth and assorted stirred in veggies like onions,mushrooms and herbs or spices). This was a baked rice bowl with carrots, corn and peas from a frozen food bag stirred in. no flavor from broth, no spices, and served in a small ramekin that had obviously been kept hot in an oven, because I burnt my tongue when I took a bite. The plate desperately needed some color, maybe a single piece of broccolini or some asparagus to make it more appealing.

Thai Duck tacos

Thai? really? The thai peanut sauce was okay, but needed some spiciness to make it more than bland. the tacos (2) Not really enough- had nothing else thai about them. it was tortillas with shredded duck meat (no crispy skin) with iceberg lettuce and diced tomatoes …the same as garnished the appetizer. Came with some guacamole too. To make it thai it should have had some chinese cabbage, some scallions, or purple onion, a scattering of peanuts something! to make it ‘thai’ bland, bland bland.

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