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La Barataria

 3500 Island Moorings Pkwy
Port Aransas, TX

Truly a hidden gem

On a recent trip to Port Aransas I was looking for a good meal, but I am not much of seafood man. After seeing an ad in the local flyer we were seduced by the ‘wine flights’ and decided to go there.

Located in the yacht marina, with plenty of outdoor seating, this would be a marvel in cooler weather. We ate inside.
Decor is charming with a typical ‘beach’ flair. Tablecloths were beach towels; with napkins of the same (albeit smaller) material. Even the rest room had a similar theme.

The wait and bar staff were charming, knowledgeable and friendly. If I had to nitpick; the AC could have used a little more oomph but it was still comfortable inside.

wine selection was respectable with reasonable prices (by restaurant standards); with a delightful feature – ALL wines were also available by the glass! I wish more places had that option.

I was intrigued enough by a cocktail named ‘Painkiller’ to abandon the wine idea; but my companion said her wine was excellent. As a side note: after my first painkiller; I was happy; partway through my second I handed over the car keys. These are very nice and more than a little addictive.

For our meals, my companion had a very nice snapper (on special) with some beet salad. The salad was a little disappointing because it was more a ‘salad with some beet’ than a ‘beet salad’.
I went with a prime rib. I can honestly say that it was the 2nd best steak I have ever had. The best was of the $95 Kobe variety, and this one pushed it very close indeed.
This easily beat similar offerings from Kirby’s, Ruth Chris and other more celebrated steak houses. Simply stupendous.

We did not sample the desserts.

prime rib

OMG – just incredible. Just wow!

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