318 S College Mall Rd
Bloomington, IN

Absolutely horrible

Brought the wrong dish to me – I ordered hibachi steak and not teriyaki steak which they also sell, then lied about it being what I ordered despite my pointing out others that got hibachi items that looked like hibachi items versus the teriyaki items. When I asked what the difference was since my “hibachi steak” was drenched in teriyaki sauce and sesame seeds aside from the price increase, they couldn’t tell me.

540. Steak Hibachi

Don’t order anything hibachi unless you’re at the hibachi table. I was traveling for business and had a craving for hibachi steak. I stopped in and read the menu and made sure that while it said teriyaki steak as well as hibachi steak that I could order hibachi items and sit in the dining room rather than at the hibachi stove table so I could read while I ate.

I ordered the hibachi steak (medium) and a couple of appetizers figuring I’d go ahead and enjoy it since I was springing for such while by myself. One appetizer came out (cold tempura shrimp) right before the entrée – which was smothered in teriyaki sauce and sesame seeds. I assumed they got the order wrong, since the hibachi shrimp dinner on the table next to me looked normal. I asked if that was the teriyaki steak and not the hibachi since the teriyaki glaze was running off the plate and since I didn’t get any white sauce and the table next to me that ordered hibachi did. The waitress said that no, that was hibachi steak. I asked then what is the difference between the teriyaki steak and the hibachi steak aside from over $10 in price, and she was at a loss aside from mumbling something about how they cooked it before she left. I was starving and tried it anyway, and the steak was severely burnt on one side. A few minutes later the edamame came out (cold) that I ordered as an appetizer.

I complained to the people at the front and they tried the same story about that’s how they make it even in the back with the hibachi tables, when I pointed out the other hibachi dishes weren’t like that and asked what the difference was aside from the increased price and they were at a loss again.

Even for teriyaki steak which wasn’t what I wanted/ordered, it was horrible. Overcooked, and just disgusting. I had to specifically ask for white sauce (since it doesn’t come with the teriyaki steak which was what I got despite my order) and the overall cleanliness was sorely lacking.

They did nothing to resolve this issue with me aside from tell me that’s how it’s cooked there despite other hibachi dishes not being that way or being able to tell me what the difference between the two steak dishes were aside from price. They did nothing when I mentioned how burnt and horrible the dish was, how cold my shrimp tempura and edamame were, and were just plain horrible.

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