Giant Drive-In

 15840 Boones Ferry Rd
Lake Oswego, OR

Disappointing and blah.

Took the whole family for lunch. Thin bland meat patty in the “giant” burger and it wasn’t even done all the way through – pink and cold in the center. We took my young son’s burger back up to see if we could get another that was fully cooked or cook the one he had, and the counter person took a look at it and said there wasn’t anything wrong with it and to just eat it. The bun is kind of weird – like they toasted it on all sides. French fries are like the kind you make at home out of the Ore-ida bag. You like ketchup with your fries? Well, get ready to squeeze it out of little packets – by the time everyone got enough ketchup to go with the fries, we had about 20 flattened packets to throw away – which just seems wasteful to me instead of having good old fashioned ketchup bottles or squeeze bottles on the tables. Oh, and cash only. In the time we were there eating we saw at least 4 customers come in and see the cash only sign and turn around and walk back out. I see no need to ever eat here again. There are many other better options to get a burger and fries in this same area.

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