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China House

 16970 Alico Mission Way
Fort Myers, FL

avoid here

China House, Alico Mission Way, Ft. Myers, FL. Here is my 2 cents on the food and chatter.
If you never have had Chinese food and are a cheapskate this is for you.

I ordered a house special with shrimp/chix and a Mongolian beef. Both listed as hot and spicy. I requested extra peppers of course.
Of course they were wrong. No Heat. Plus this was just nasty food.
The house special had 2 count, them two small shrimp and a bit of chix. It was filled with some veggie, BUT is was just nasty tasting. I threw it away.
Mongolian beef you should see peppers, have maybe those little corn from a can , chestnuts.
Here just grilled white onions and beef. I added my own heat.
This is the worst chinese I have had here.
I wonder how they stay in business. They were very nice folks.
AAHHH we are in florida where folks are cheap & do not have a clue about world cusine.
Never here again unless YOU buy.

mongolian beef


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