850 Avocado Ave
Newport Beach, CA

Save your money and go somewhere else!!!

My wife and I had 8 pm reservations on Friday, 02Nov2012. We arrived early (630 pm) and enjoyed cigars on the outdoor bar/patio. Both barmaids ignored us until 7pm, when Nikki the hostess found us and asked if we wished to be seated for dinner. I explained we were still smoking and if she could direct one of the barmaids to take our drink order. Buy 730 pm, still no drinks, the wife was fuming (not from the smoke, hehe) because she used to be a food server and said repeatedly there was no excuse for the inhospitable barmaids. Nikki apologized profusely, and I told her we would be leaving. My wife spoke with the manager, Jeff, who politely listed (but, this is the OC, footstool to the throne of God.) I told him, this is the reason we don’t go out in OC, I save my money for Sin City.

The moral of the story…If you want a great dinner, night out, drink outside and smoke inside, Go to Vegas, Baby! Gulfstream sucks @$$!



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