Bobbi's Coffee Shop

 1361 S De Anza Blvd
Cupertino, CA

Bobbi's Coffee Shop in Cupertino

I got up at 5am on Monday morning to treat myself to a nice breakfast. Drove over from San Jose and enjoyed talking the local regulars sitting at the bar. In hindsight, I noticed that none of them ordered food, just coffee and one man ordered Cherrio’s. I got the Bobbi’s special, scrambled eggs with mushrooms and onions and spinach. The waiter said they were out of spinach, so I said that was fine. By the time I ate just 1/2 of it, I wasn’t feeling too good. I paid my tab and heading to work. In the car 5 minutes and I thought I would throw up. Luckily, I carry Pau D’ Arco with me, an herb that can helps with nausea. I avoided throwing up, but ate only soup and a Sprite at lunch. It’s 5:30pm and I’m still sick and I’m going home now to sleep it off. I GOT FOOD POISONING FROM THEIR EGGS!!! I heard it had reopened and lots of people of come there for years. Well, I won’t ever do there again! I tried to call them, so others don’t get sick, but their phone number listed is disconnected.

Joe's Special - Joe's Special at Bobbi's Coffee Shop

Joe's Special

Greasy and didn’t take good, very dry. And of course, there’s that whole poison thing!!

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