Roma Ristorante

 925 Airport Center Drive
Allentown, PA

Missing a main ingredient..Allen, the executive chef

Recently, my wife and I went to Roma for our wedding anniversary expecting to have an excellent dinner. Upon our arrival, I asked if Allen the executive chef was working that evening and was told he wasn’t. When I asked our server, I was told that “he was no longer working here,” period. We ordered our meals and immediately found that the quality that we were use to was now a distant memory. How disappointing! Our service was poor as well as we waited a longer than expected time to get our check. We finally received our check, paid it and left the restaurant.
We are hesitant about returning to Roma after learning that the executive chef, Allen is gone. We also learned that the owners of Roma also own “The Taste of Italy” which is average at best. Not an endorsing recommendation.

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