Pink Bicycle Gourmet Burger Joint The

 1008 Blanshard Street
Victoria, BC

Good food, terrible customer service. Not worth it.

Famished we headed downtown to The Pink Bicycle. A bit of a wait to get in, but not too bad. I had parked in a 20min parking spot so after getting seated and order taken I dashed out and reparked –paying for sixty minutes as I reckoned we could enjoy a comfortable critic of the film over beer and burgers. A half hour later we still hadn’t received our beers, never mind a glimpse of our food. I quietly called our server over and asked if we could have our beers while we waited. She looked blank and asked what we had ordered…not a good sign. A few minutes later she came back to say that the printer had run out of paper and our order hadn’t been placed. Funny thing is that everyone after we arrived already had their food and were busily noshing it down. I waited to hear her say something like “The beer’s on us,” or “Half price for the burgers folks.” Nada.

Since I was using my iPhone to record the time we had left on the meter, I was pretty aware of the passage of time… 15mins later still no beer. I ran out again to pay for another hour on the meter –so $4 spent and no food or drink yet…getting a headache, getting cranky, my superficial patience is is getting thin. The beers arrive…no word on our food, no apology or attempt to make things “right”.

The lady next to us, who had arrived just as I came back from my second parking meter run, is just finishing her burger. At last the food arrives. Yum. My Mutton Burger is delicious, as are the tasty albeit too heavily peppered truffle fries. C.’s cheese burger is obviously a hit and we spend a few minutes munching and grunting over our respective meals.

The bill arrives. No comp. Full deal. No apology.

F-you PB. Zero tip and a resolve to complain loudly and clearly how terribly horrendous The Pink Bicycle service is. The food is good, but it’s not worth it if you have to wait 2hrs to get your meal with the added insult of being brushed off and ignored.

Seriously if this had been my restaurant I would have down there talking to the customer and making it right. An apology, comp, a free drink, a gift certificate, whatever, but acknowledge the shoddy way the customer has been treated and make ammends.

I wish the people who own these establishments would appreciate the fact that the food is only part of the equation for success. Good customer service and consistency are equal or even more important. Wake up Pink Bicycle, you are not so great you can get away with this kind of crappy customer service.

Mutton Burger

The meat to bun ratio is decent, although the bun seemed a bit too chewy. Good flavour.
The truffle fires tasty too but too much pepper.

Pink Bike Cheese

delish my wife claims. The fires equally good.

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