Howell's Restaurant & Lounge

 508 7th St
Oregon City, OR

Never gets old

Havent been here for sometime, but went here for bday with the wife.
Still might be the origainal bar stools from 1935 but the quality of the food hasnt changed.
We both ordered the Captians Platter and were not disappointed in the least.
Non of the “previously frozen” here. Good sized shrimp, more than jut two clam strips, al denta vegtabels, and salad that wasnt just lettuce with dresing.
Bruce who is the cook, has been making sutel changes to some of the items on the menu.
Only thing missing was a desert menu but he is working on it.
“Landmark” is an understament, comfort food the way mom made it.
Defently going back.

captians platter

salad that is more than just lettuce. three large postions of cod. four good sized shrimp, about ten clam strips with both tarter and cocktail sauce. mixed vegiees that were eldenta.
chicken noodel soup had lingue type noodels

This dish didnt tase like it came out of a bag or a can.
Bruce know what he is doing

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