Ten East Hibachi and Sake Lounge

 125 Lefante Way
Bayonne, NJ


DO NOT GO TO THIS RESTAURANT IF YOU LIKE TO HAVE A CUP OF COFFEE AFTER YOUR MEAL BECAUSE YOU’RE NOT ALLOWED THERE!!! I tried Ten East Hibachi today for my birthday dinner with my boyfriend, our 2 yr old son, and my dad. The decor of the place was impressive, however, after we had spent $176 on dinner, we asked the server (who ignored us for a good 15 minutes) for coffee. She told us that they don’t serve coffee at the tables. (The only logical explanation for this would be that they want to rush you right outta there in order to make more money, because the more tables they turn, the more money they make) These greedy people have only been in business for 6 months and they want to take advantage of their customers. They charged us $3 dollars for a kid’s 7-up!!! The manager told us that its “their policy” to not serve coffee at the tables, and they told us that we would have to get up from our table and relocate to the bar to have a cup of coffee!!! We could not believe what we were hearing, seeing that everyone of us has worked, and still works in the service industry. I guess I could understand it if they were really busy or on a wait, but there was only a few tables seated. They have officially lost our business and the business of everyone we know, which is A LOT of people!!!!! STUPID MOVE!!! I will stick with Mt. Fuji in Hasbrouck Hts and I suggest you do too.



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