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If chocolate is involved, sign me up!

I love to eat and I love to try new foods. I enjoy eating in and out equally. I decorate cakes as a (paid) hobby. There is a 90% chance that I will order chicken in a restaurant. Forced tipping for substandard service (aka svc charge) is a BIG pet peeve.


Dosa Pointe

 790 Rue Jean-Talon Ouest
Montréal, QC

serendipity for supper

I was here for supper. This was not our first choice — I had waited for my friend at a different Indian restaurant, where it was full of screaming kids. This place seemed like a quiet alternative.

The menu is heavy on Dosas, a filled pancake popular in South India. If you are looking for dishes from elsewhere, such as butter chicken or samosas or even naan bread, you will not find them here.

Everything I tried was really good. And we were piggies and ordered all the desserts between us :) The waiter was very pleasant and explained the dishes well. I am so glad we wandered into here! I would definitely come back here.

Ginger Dosa with chicken

The light and crispy pancake had a smooth paste filling. It was served with a small bowl of Dal soup, a yogurt raita, and a smear of not-too-hot condiment. The easiest way to eat the dosa was by tearing off pieces with my hands.

Stuffed Gulab Jamun

Wow these blew me away. These ubiquitous malted milk ovals came STUFFED with a creamy filling, and lightly moistened with syrup instead of swimming in a pool of it. Very unusual, and totally scarfable! More please!

Ras gulab

This was the substitute for Rasmalai which was not available. These were two ovals, similar in size to the Gulab Jamun, made from a white cheese, and served without a sauce. These were extremely sweet and dense, but very nice.

Gajar Halwa

This was a soft carrot pudding, not very sweet but chunky with a healthy halo. The serving is big enough to share. If you like carrot cake, you will probably like this. interesting, but definitely not as sweet as the other desserts.


It’s not just any old coffee, it’s brewed with chai spices and comes with milk already added. Sugar, if needed, arrives in a large open bowl. Really good, no trace of bitterness and worth waiting for.

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Hi there… is Liver, Yellow Beets, Potato and Pineapple a dish or some sort… or were you cleaning up the left overs ? :-)



Oh darn! Missed the Pointe a Callieres Cultural Feast this year. It´s so much fun & tasty too. Lucky you!

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Evil dirty rotten service charges. I don't like them and I try to avoid places that slap them on to the bill. If the policy is upfront on the menu, it's more tolerable. But sometimes the charges sneak on, especially without merit.
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