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If chocolate is involved, sign me up!

I love to eat and I love to try new foods. I enjoy eating in and out equally. I decorate cakes as a (paid) hobby. There is a 90% chance that I will order chicken in a restaurant. Forced tipping for substandard service (aka svc charge) is a BIG pet peeve.



 1380 Rue Notre-Dame O
Montréal, QC


This is the latest installation of a popular dessert chain. I was here for a mid-afternoon snack. The restaurant was practically deserted [no pun intended]. I waited in vain for my friend to show up, enjoying the view from the picture window, and then ate alone.

The showcase of pies looked scrumptious, but the one I picked seemed to be more of a pie-shaped cake. Coffee was lukewarm. But the cashier was incredibly nice and even offered me to use the office phone to call my friend, in lieu of a payphone. I am not inclined to return.

Chocolate Lasagna pie

This is chocolate cake with a thin, flavorless cream cheese layer and a slightly thicker chocolate mousse layer on top. It looked lovely in the showcase, but on the plate it fell apart. The cake was on the dry side.



 5557 Avenue de Monkland
Montréal, QC

Leave your diet -- and budget -- at home

I was here for lunch in the summer. This place was very charming with interesting artwork on the wall and not one but two showcases filled with sweet pies, which is the house specialty.

I was a “good girl” and did not just eat pie for lunch! I did find the prices on the steep side. The best deal, if you want food plus pie, is with the “daily special”. My special was a sandwich, coffee or tea, and choice of pie for $15. I am undecided about returning.

tuna sandwich

This is the sandwich that comes as the “daily special”. It does not match either tuna sandwich in the main menu. The sandwich included some sad pink tomato slices, and beside it was a mini salad of lettuce, more tomato, and a flavorful green dressing.

raspberry fudge cheesecake pie

The pies are heaped high in the middle. On the bottom was a dark dense brownie layer, with a smidgen of raspberry coulis, and on top was a thick, but very light, cheesecake layer. It was very good but did not taste much of raspberry.


Boston Pizza

 7300 Pl des Roseraies
Anjou, QC

Late lunch

I was here for a late lunch in August. This restaurant is tucked away behind a shopping center, and not visible from the street. It was pleasantly quiet, and by the time we left, we may have been the only customers there. We both chose from the lunch menu, which included a soup or salad, main dish, and tea or coffee for one price.

Like many chain restaurants, free refills on soft drinks are offered. However the initial price for one glass of soft drink exceeds $3, and it is served with a boatload of ice. Sticker shock!

pepperoni pizza

The lunch special was an individual pizza, with petite slices of meat on a golden crust. It was tasty without being greasy. I would order this again.

house salad

This was a colorful and fresh starter. The salad included red and green lettuce, long shreds of carrots, beets, and onions. The dressing, served on the side, was pleasantly sharp.


Bier Markt

 1221 Boulevard René-Lévesque O
Montréal, QC

Free lunch

I was here for a lunch & learn: a presentation sponsored by a software company. We were on the 3rd floor in a private room. This was my first visit, but others at my table had been before and raved about the food.

We had a group menu with a limited, but interesting selection: two appetizers, three mains, two desserts. Each seat also featured a pen and small notepad from the restaurant.

I was very impressed with the food! The servings were substantial; each course was piping hot and flavorful. The waitresses were very pleasant and unobtrusive during the lecture. Getting a doggie bag was not a problem. I look forward to returning here.

Dunkel Duck Wings at Bier Markt

Dunkel Duck Wings

You get 6 duck drumettes with a jerk-type seasoning. They came with two sharp, tangy sauces: a “gold BBQ” with a strong (but not gaggy) mustard taste and a spicy lingonberry sauce. The duck was well cooked without drying out. I would order this again.

Seared Chicken & Goji Berries at Bier Markt

Seared Chicken & Goji Berries

You get not one but TWO grilled chicken breasts with dried goji berries on top, and a pool of pan juices. Hidden underneath one breast were the vegetables: mixed greens and onion shreds. Instead of rice pilaf, I substituted French fries. This was amazing!

Markt Donuts at Bier Markt

Markt Donuts

You get 4 mini donuts, liberally smothered in cinnamon and icing sugar, and drizzled in a coffee sauce. The donuts were overcooked and hard, but otherwise tasty.


Dosa Pointe

 790 Rue Jean-Talon Ouest
Montréal, QC

serendipity for supper

I was here for supper. This was not our first choice — I had waited for my friend at a different Indian restaurant, where it was full of screaming kids. This place seemed like a quiet alternative.

The menu is heavy on Dosas, a filled pancake popular in South India. If you are looking for dishes from elsewhere, such as butter chicken or samosas or even naan bread, you will not find them here.

Everything I tried was really good. And we were piggies and ordered all the desserts between us :) The waiter was very pleasant and explained the dishes well. I am so glad we wandered into here! I would definitely come back here.

Ginger Dosa with chicken

The light and crispy pancake had a smooth paste filling. It was served with a small bowl of Dal soup, a yogurt raita, and a smear of not-too-hot condiment. The easiest way to eat the dosa was by tearing off pieces with my hands.

Stuffed Gulab Jamun

Wow these blew me away. These ubiquitous malted milk ovals came STUFFED with a creamy filling, and lightly moistened with syrup instead of swimming in a pool of it. Very unusual, and totally scarfable! More please!

Ras gulab

This was the substitute for Rasmalai which was not available. These were two ovals, similar in size to the Gulab Jamun, made from a white cheese, and served without a sauce. These were extremely sweet and dense, but very nice.

Gajar Halwa

This was a soft carrot pudding, not very sweet but chunky with a healthy halo. The serving is big enough to share. If you like carrot cake, you will probably like this. interesting, but definitely not as sweet as the other desserts.


It’s not just any old coffee, it’s brewed with chai spices and comes with milk already added. Sugar, if needed, arrives in a large open bowl. Really good, no trace of bitterness and worth waiting for.


Waffle King

 155 Dorset St
South Burlington, VT

trust your gut instinct

This is located in the University Mall food court. I happened upon it during a recent whirl through the mall. It was mid-afternoon, and I was looking to grab something quick and take it on the bus.

The concept is to get either a main course or a dessert served in a homemade edible bowl. The dessert menu called my name. Only 4 minutes to put one together? Perfect. They weren’t quite set up for takeout, but a piece of aluminum foil made a handy lid.

When I brought my foil-covered treasure onto the bus, heading off to our next shop stop, it caused quite a commotion. Another passenger inhaled the aroma and exclaimed, “You can’t bring smelly food onto the bus!” Jealous, I’m sure! I’m looking forward to finding this popup on my next trip to Vermont.

Thai Fried Banana at Waffle King

Thai Fried Banana

A battered and deep-fried banana, served in a chocolate waffle bowl with whipped cream, Nutella, and peanuts. Served piping hot. Tasted good, smelled good, put a huge smile on my face. I would definitely get this again.


Nini Meatball House

 1752 Rue Notre-Dame O
Montréal, QC

Balls of fun, but bring a flashlight!

I was here for supper last year. This is a very small and very white restaurant: all the furniture and fixtures are white. The better to focus on the food, I figure.

The main menu fits on one page. There are a variety of meatballs available, including vegetarian ones, and each are served three to a small bowl, with a varying amount of sauce. Think of this as meatball tapas. There is one daily special: tonight’s special was a poutine meatball, with mashed potato, cheese, and a lot of robust gravy. I anticipated having lots of sauce with my meatballs which is why I ordered couscous, to help sop it up — and it didn’t work out that way. So I would probably order a different side next time.

For dessert, the house specialty is a homemade ice cream sandwich. There are 4 flavors of cookies (homemade) and 4 flavors of ice cream (not homemade) to match up.

I really liked it here, but there are two ambiance notes that prevent me giving 5 stars. First off, it got very noisy very quickly, and it became difficult to follow conversations. Secondly, the lights were extremely dim. Even with the table candles lit, we had great difficulty reading the menu — even my much younger eyes didn’t want to cooperate. Frilly script made the task even more challenging. Despite these small challenges, I would probably go back here — with a flashlight!

Sweet potato and goat cheese with herb sauce at Nini Meatball House

Sweet potato and goat cheese with herb sauce

Soft and creamy. The “sauce” was actually a pesto dribbled on top. It was nice but could have been more generous.

Pork and fennel with spicy tomato sauce

Good licorice flavor with plenty of sauce.

Moroccan couscous at Nini Meatball House

Moroccan couscous

It was billed as lemon flavored, but I found more cranberry and other flavors. I anticipated having lots of sauce to sop up with the couscous, and it didn’t work out that way. So I would probably order a different side next time.

Chicken with wild mushroom sauce

I traded one pork meatball for this one. It was very nice with pieces of mushroom in the gravy.

Beef with tomato sauce

I tasted half a meatball. Compared to the other selections, this one was quite ordinary — it was dry and lacked pizzazz. I dabbed some of the poutine sauce on it to liven it up.

Ice cream sandwich:  chocolate chip + caramel at Nini Meatball House

Ice cream sandwich: chocolate chip + caramel

The cookies were soft and rubbery, as though not fully cooked. The ice cream was full of crystals. But both elements had good strong flavor. When I tried to eat it sandwich style, the ice cream gooshed out from between the cookies.


Allo mon Coco

 1684 Boulevard de Maisonneuve O
Montréal, QC

Generous plates

This is a branch of a popular chain restaurant. I was here for brunch in January. I arrived to find a lineup right to the door. Luckily, when I said I was with a group, I didn’t have to wait and was led directly to my tablemates, who were already seated. However it is important to note that the restaurant does not take reservations and waiting in line is the norm.

The menu is vast and (as expected) heavy on the eggs. If you don’t eat eggs, you haven’t got much choice! Whatever you do decide to order, you will get a mountain of food. I don’t think anyone could finish their plates. Styrofoam containers are graciously supplied — so don’t be shy to ask for one.

Service was fast and friendly, even though the place was packed. It was a team effort to deliver plates to the table. As our group gradually grew, we squeezed together to fit in more chairs on the fly.

When I left, well past 1:00, the lineup had extended right out the door! So this is one popular place. If you can stand to wait, it’s worth it.


Fruit salad cup with toasted bagel and cream cheese. It doesn’t sound like much but it was fresh and tasty. The fruit was presented in an oversized martini glass and included blueberries, grapes, pineapple, and cantaloupe.


Poulet à 3 Pattes

 3224 Boulevard Rosemont
Montréal, QC

Three Cheers for Three Feet

This restaurant used to be known as Paradis du Poulet. I would occasionally go there and pick up barbecued chicken takeout. On my last visit, the name changed to Poulet 3 Pattes. Same menu (with slightly higher prices), same layout, same TV broadcasting soccer games in the back. And soon, a new sign to replace the faded Paradis one. New at the cash counter were bottles of piri-piri sauce for sale, and a tempting array of desserts.

Service was very fast and pleasant. I had to wait for the fries to be cooked and seasoned, which meant they were piping hot. I will definitely be back.

1/4 chicken leg dinner

I got 3 leg pieces with my dinner — hence the restaurant name. It comes with a heap of short but well-seasoned fries and a bit of tossed salad. (The salad was a bit warm when I got home.) You have a choice of spicy or not spicy — I ordered without spice.


Main Deli Steak House

 3864 Boulevard St-Laurent
Montreal Metro Area, QC

I wear it well

I was here for lunch during a street festival. There was a barbecue set up outside, with three specials for the lunch crowd: chicken pita, gyro pita, and Greek salad. I chose the pita, which was very tasty but the filling and sauce kept escaping from the pita onto my clothes. Despite this, I would return — and eat onsite.

chicken pita

The pita was topped with grilled chicken, bell peppers, onions, a little tomato, and a lot of tzatiki sauce, then rolled into a cone. This was pretty substantial and tasty, but it dripped all over me while I ate.

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