Bakery Detour (CLOSED)

 31217 124th Ave Se
Auburn, WA

Detour from Bakery Detour! Unless you like RUDE people

First let me say, the one time I was “allowed” to order their primary menu item (Pizza, not pastry), I was amazed at how GREAT it was.

However, the front end staff is SO RUDE. If you ask any questions, you may be in peril of being thrown out of the place (which in my 50+ years has NEVER happened).

Last time I was there, I asked if phone orders were accepted (Reply-“No”). I asked to speak to or get the owner’s number (“No, your questions are inappropriate. Please leave the premises”). I tried to explain to the young “lady” (is she owner’s daughter?)that her rude attitude was bound to put this establishment in peril of closing, but she took this as a threat that I was going to “run them out of business” and told me she was calling the police. Yes, she did say that (I called instead since I had paid for a Pizza that they weren’t going to make for me and it seemed like an after thought about refunding me my money. Yes, they did FINALLY give me my money back).

I’d been there two previous times and got the same rude attitude from this young “lady”. All I can assume is that she doesn’t understand or appreciate the value of good customer service (and the owner backed her up this last time-I’m guessing she twisted what I said, but won’t ever know since I wasn’t allowed to talk to him when he became available .He also refused to listen to me when I figured out he was the guy writing down my license plate number).

Understand that I’ve got 15+ years of Restaurant experience in most postitions (last Restaurant job was Server at the Metropolitan Grill in Seattle), so I DO understand what Good customer service is.

I don’t care how GREAT their pizza is. If they can’t treat their customers with common courtesy and respect then folks will probably not come back.

I’d even previously offered to do some free advertising for them, but was told something like ‘our great food will speak for itself’
Never heard of a start up restaurant that isn’t eager for free advertising. Well, they’ve got some now!

If this young “lady” continues to represent this establishment, then she’ll “run them out of business” because of her RUDE attitude.

This experience was very stressful for me and I’m only 6 months out from Chemo & Rads for treatment against my second bout of cancer. I understand they didn’t know this, but NO ONE should be treated this way.

Sharing my experience with you because I don’t want anyone else to have the same experience I did.

I’ll be ordering my Pizza from Garlic Jim’s and my bakery items from Haley’s Corner Bakery (which is gluten free and also the staff is so GREAT).

BTW-Other reviews in Yelp & Urbanspoon report the same rude behavior from this young “lady”.


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