Tibet Nepal House

 36 E Holly St
Pasadena, CA

himalayan party in my mouth

I was the first to arrive from abby’s party. I guess I was eager.

The people there were nice. They offered me water and checked on me a bunch of times before anyone came. the decor was nice and I noticed paper drawings lining the ceiling.

First thing I ordered was a Himalayan beer called Himalayan Blue. It tasted very much like budweiser.

They have Indian beer, too, which tasted like chocolate. I’d get that one next time. Either way, these beers were HUGE and $6.50 only.

I was glad to pay.

On to the main show, in order of appearance (as much as I can. At one time, four dishes appeared magically and simultaneously so bear that in mind).

Bhatamaas Saadheko: Roasted Soya bean, ginger, green garlic, red onion, and green chili, marinated with Himalayan spices. These were really crunchy and awesome. I finally found a way to eat soy beans!

Tse Mo-Mo: Mixed Vegetable Dumpling. These were good but I wasn’t blown away. They tasted kind of like Korean veggie mandoo’s.

Cheese Pakora: Deep-Fried Cheese, Battered with Chickpeas Flour. I guess the point was to dip it into one of the two sauces that it came with because by itself it was a little bland and more bready and less cheesy than I had wanted it. Still, a solid dish.

Yak Mo-Mo: Ground yak meat seasoned and stuffed dumpling. That’s right, folks! I ate yak for the first time and it was here! The ground yak tasted like ground beef.

Sherpa Stew: Simmered chicken with rice, vegetables, and Himalayan spices. Sherpa Stew is often served on trekking routes. This was very comforting but it lacked a little acid. Very mountainous though. I could imagine my Bolivian mountain ppl eating this in the winter. It was hearty and filling so I only had a little. Didn’t want to fill up on it.

Kathmandu Sekuwa: Chicken breast marinated overnight with mint, cilantro and Himalayan spices. This was obviously my favorite dish. It was chicken breast balls simmering on a sizzling hot platter. omg the lemon gave it that extra kick.

Gaunle Khasi: Fresh goat meat cooked with onion, tomatoes, ginger, & Himalayan spices. looked slow-cooked but didn’t taste like it. It was a bit tougher but still delicious in taste.

Goondruk: A typical Nepali dish of preserved mustard green leaves and cabbage, and tomato, cooked with Nepali spices. This reminded me a little of Ethiopian food. I almost freaked myself out when I put this in their Tibetan Bread (reminiscent to eating with injera bread in Ethiopian restaurants).

Annapurnayak: Yak meat sautéed with green chili, Bell pepper, Onions, & Himalayan spices. This was pretty good. Looked like a beef fajita coming my way but I knew it would be better, and it was. Just a bit tough. I think yak in general is probably just more tough than beef. Not too gamey.

Tibetan Bread: Deep-fried whole-wheat flour bread. It was thick and not crispy but good. Reminded me a little of cheesy bread except without the cheese.

Chyamtange Dhopzi: Stone ground whole-wheat fine flour flat-leavened bread baked in clay oven. I forgot to try this.

Bhaat: Steamed Himalayan Basmati Rice. Really good with all the stewy dishes.

Kheer: House-made rice pudding topped with almonds, walnuts, and raisins. This was my second favorite dish of the night after the Sekuwa because it was like arroz con leche but not as sweet. Loved it. Could have eaten the whole thing but didn’t want to be a pig in public.

Mt. Everest in a Blanket: Ice cream rolled in crepes, topped with chocolate sauce. This was also pretty sinful but I didn’t want to hurt my teeth so I only had one bite. This reminded me of fried ice cream because of the cold vanilla ice cream inside of a hot buttery shell.

tea. absolutely delicious. it’s like a chai tea but without sugar. just cream. absolutely delicious!

WHEN I go back, I’m going to get the Sekuwa, the yak dumplings, the goondruk, the rice pudding, and the tea!

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