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Vienna, VA


This is the story of a man who has been living right here in Virginia for the past 50 years. He is the owner of Shamshiry.
Yet, no one ever dared to put light on how he is using his businesses’ money to violate the rights of other human beings.
It makes me wonder, was there no one, or it was just me who noticed because I am very careful and want to make sure no one’s right is violated.
This man’s name is Abbas Atash- Sobh. Mr. Sobh he is a resident of Mclean, VA and he is the owner of Shamshiry Restaurant located in Tyson.
Yes, by now you might have thought same as I thought when I step in, believing this man. I thought he owns a restaurant, and I can trust him.
I was a new graduate, and I did not have a job. I was very disparate. I met him at my volunteer job. He promised me a job in his restaurant. He said he needs a manager there. I believed him, so I went to his resident without any hesitation, I thought it was job related.
Then things changed and things that followed spared me from myself. I got no job, but instead got in a trap, I guess my beauty was a big enemy of me at this time.
They guy planned everything and I did not know until now, far from the scene. Yes rape, assault, abuse was all part of it.
I was new and naïve, and it was my first job interview after college. I am writing to warn others against this man. He is a crook and he never give a job, instead he abuses any woman that he sees. He rape, and assault them, like he did to me.
Not only that, but he has also raped many underage girls in Central America, he showed me all those videos. Yes, he is making money here from your money because you eat there, then he violates human rights in developing countries. He told me all his rape stories on how he pays mother of girls’ money for sex to their young daughters. He said that he pays the mother of teenage girls $2000 and then his other friend takes the girls to the clinic to make she the girl is virgin. He uses many different methods of trapping these little girls. The part that makes me wonder, right here in Virginia, Mclean where the rules are tougher on these things, he violates human rights. Poor Spanish ladies that work for him, not only work, but exchange sex as well to save their jobs. Unbelievable. In his restaurant, all of them are like a gang. They hire illegal immigrant for less pay mid night very low wage. I thought, it violates humans’ rights. Mr. Sobh uses drugs to make girls unconscious, he has being doing that in the past 50 years, he said his wife was doing this for him. His wife would invite his friends’ home for food, and she would put drug in their food, once unconscious , Mr. Sobh would have sex with them. He said his wife loved him a lot, and she would do all this to keep him happy.
Yes, becoming naïve and innocent has a limit, but when out of college, I had no idea about people ‘s intention. I was easily trusting people. When Mrs. Sobh’s mother died, he asked for monetary help. I thought he needs money, so I gave him all my life saving. I never saw that money again. He took every penny I had and run to Iran. I asked for my money several times, he declined.
Not only that, he watches all people that come to his restaurant and then he knows them and if he likes a woman, he traps her for free food. So pretty girls be careful that he is watching you.
His brother whose name is Majid was following to my car whenever I was going to eat there. I was so naïve that thought of him as a gentle man until one day he hugged me and touched my butt. He has a wife, Roya who is following the same rule as Mrs. Sobh’s wife did 50 years back. She traps women and then abuses and assault them. She me trapped with his fake promises, so I was going to the restaurant often, I had no idea that she does this to make his husband happy. Then she became abusive.
Majid has a son whose name is Ali Reza, he verbally abused me on several occasions, I thought, I will get job, so I staid quiet. And he kissed me too forcefully.
This is the story of my first job right out of college. I thought to share with other girls to be careful, because the moment will pass, but the scars remain for life.



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