Happy Family Restaurant

 711 E Main St
Battle Ground, WA

food quality greatly reduced & awful treatment of employees

They treat employees awful there (unless you’re asain) The Battle Ground store is now under new management, so the majority of the workers there are family. I worked there for 3 months, and they treated me awful! I was crying after almost every shift, plus my tables and tips were being stolen. Also, a couple of the workers there would not keep there hands to themselves and made it very uncomfortable for me. I had many tables tell me I was either the best, or a really good waitress. I would get yelled and screamed at in front of customers. If you have any concern about treatment of employees, then I would not suggest spending your money here! Also, they changed a lot of the food when new management, they changed a lot so it could be cheaper to make and it ruined a lot of dishes. BTW I didn’t get fired, I had to quit after only being able to take so much! Also, having seen the back, they leave a lot of meat, veggies, and seafood sitting out for a long time, which could get you sick!

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