Coal Baron Restaurant (CLOSED)

 7606 National Pike
Uniontown, PA

good value

Coalbaron is an odd place. I had been driving by it for over a week not sure if it was ever open. Looking it up on line there were some reviews but no website with menu. I do not like places without a website and menu. One review mentioned ‘good steak’, and I was in the mood for steak and it was only two miles away. There is plenty of parking and valet parking which seemed strange for this rural setting. The lobby/bar is bright although a very low couch would have been very difficult to get up from. The dining room is dark with lots of tiny lights. It is a pity the back wall was not a big window as there would have been a lovely view. There were only two other diners, but service was prompt. The linen table cloth had 8 ( count them ) pieces of silver ware. There was a cheap looking basket of crackers seal wrapped. There was also a cheap pot coffee cup which would have been more at home on the lunch counter at Woolworths. The menu was not large, but covered everything. The prices were reasonable, even more so when you saw how much food there was. I was asked if aI wanted a drink, I said, “water to start with”. I was never asked again and, would probably had a glass of house wine if I had been asked. I ordered 8oz filet with portabllo mushroom, price $28. Included in the price, I had a choice of home made soup. I had tomato which was good. This came with fresh warm italian bread, I think from the same supplier to Past Lorenzo. To follow was a salad with choice of three home made dressings. The salad was mostly Iceburg lettuce, with the store bought croutons you can break a tooth on. And then came a plate of spaghetti and sauce I had not realized I was getting. I think I was also supposed to have a sorbet to cleanse the palatte, at least that is what I think the second small spoon was for. The main course came, steak with a tiny tiny mushroom cap on top. I don’t think it was a Portabella, I guess they had run out, a mushroom this size would not needed to be mentioned on the menu description. I had the twice baked stuffed potatoes as a side, it was good. I would have had the fries if they were fresh cut, but the waiter told the truth they were frozen. I am surprised a place like this would not make their own fries. There was a sauce/gravy with the steak. There was too much of it and there was no taste. This sauce seriously needed some reduction and some flavor. My steak was beautifully cooked and it was good beef. The waiter came three times with water, and checked on everything.
So over all I liked this place, and would have eaten here more times
( i had missed liver & onion special earlier in the week) if I had known it was still in business. So my suggestions: Get a website with your menu on. Have a BIG sign out saying DINNER TONIGHT. Put a big window in the back wall, better still have some outside tables with a view of the back. Make your own fresh cut fries. Get rid of the coffee cups on the table, the crackers and cheap basket. You will not leave this place hungry, the food is good and value for money, it just needs freshening up on a few things

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