Dunkin' Donuts

 2001 York Rd
Timonium, MD

Terrible Customer Service

I have been going here off and on for 2 months and the staff has always been short with myself and others. Today, I went in and before ordering tried to wash my hands and freshen up. The woman up front rudely yelled over in my direction, saying I have to buy something first. I responded by saying I need to clean up a little before eating my lunch. She even demanded I take off my ipod earphones! I was amazed by her rudeness. I looked for her name tag; she had none. I asked for her name; she would not give it to me. Then she starts making cell phone calls while I was still talking to her. I advised her that there was no posting regarding a “pay first” policy and that such a policy was contrary to the business license agreement in Baltimore County regarding the use of a public restroom. Just when things could not get any stranger, she suggested I go next door to the Chinese place to have lunch. So she was chasing away a customer to another store; a competitor of theirs. Amazing!

I will not be returning there again and I have informed the Corporate HQ regarding this. I consider it to be a violation of my civil rights no different than the 50’s when Blacks were told to go eat somewhere else.

I wouldnt eat anything there even when I worked there!

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