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Sushi House

 705 S 500 E
American Fork, UT

Superb Sushi and Sashimi

I have a diverse palate and have attended the facility on several occasions. The sushi is very good and at a reasonable price. My favorite option is the lunch all-you-can eat, only because I try to test the quality of as many rolls as possible.
They have a wide variety of nigiri and sauces used in the sushi. Their sushi is also of good size, where as many other local establishments have very skinny rolls. Most do not know the whole story behind Mr. Randy Cao’s story and background in Sushi.
My personal favorites are the nigiri of seared tuna or Tobiko. they also have a very good Vegas roll and San Francisco.
The food is definitely a vast representation of multiple sushi methods. Most of the sauces and combinations are homemade and very delightful. The tempura is just a little too greasy but it is of course Tempura. The wide variety is a good representation of authentic sushi of different regions. The owner has put a special touch on every sauce and roll he created or offers.
I have suggested Sushi House to many associates and they have been very pleased. For those not apt to sushi there are also Bento box options that are also quite authentic. Anyone who gives this facility a bad review doesn’t have a diverse enough palate. Logan Molyneux and Barbara Christiansen, reviewers of the DAILY HERALD both found sushi house to be delightful.
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The Wasabi, ginger, and fish are all of very high quality and served as rich as they should be. I have been to other establishments and the wasabi is dilute, and the fish is of poor cut and quality.

All you can eat

Tried several sushi and nigiri rolls. My personal Favorite must be the firecracker.

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