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We love Pho in Seattle!

We are a group of friends that have made a club called the Seattle Pho-Natics! We visit different Vietnamese restaurants to try different Pho and then do a review! Come and join. Were on Facebook under the search: “The Seattle Pho-Natics”


Vietnam Cafe

 2200 W 39th Ave
Kansas City, KS

The Seattle Pho-Natics President visits Kansas City!!

I went to KC as my step father had to have open heart surgery, so I told my partners mom “hey lets get pho!” She had never had Pho before! We walked into the restaurant and I was quite suprised how big the place was! There were many tables and it looked like they had outdoor seating during the summer months!
Service: The service was very comparable to many other Pho restaurants where you sit down and basically order within 5 minutes of sitting at your table! The staff was very friendly and efficient.
Price: The price was very good! It was 6.95 for their regular size or you could add like a buck to make it a extra large pho! For a dollar, why not! Faye got the regular size which was just the right amount. They do take credit/debit cards.
Broth: The pho came out steaming hot! The broth was very good!! Not too salty and very flavorful! Hey, it even impressed a person who never had pho before!!!
Selection: Vietnam Cafe had a very nice sized menu! Not just pho, but many other items to choose from as well. They also had a full bar! There was plenty of the basil, sprouts, lime and jalapenos.
Location: In Kansas City, Kansas right across from KU Medical Center. The parking was great as they have their own lot.
Score: I would give Vietnam Cafe a 9/10, for the fact you could upgrade to a larger bowl for only a dollar, the parking was great, the service was fast, the restaurant was clean and someone who never had pho and was skeptical really liked it!f
Thanks again Vietnam Cafe!! Will be back when in KC next time!
Sean Hoops, The Seattle Pho-Natics President

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