Peking House

 2411 South Florida Avenue
Lakeland, FL

Rude owner to loyal customer

This will be the last time I eat here. After coming here for 15-20 years, they have lost my business. I came in at 2:36, 6 minutes after lunch “stopped” and ordered an appetizer and asked about lunch. I WAS THE ONLY ONE IN THE PLACE! They told me lunch stopped at 2:30, I asked if I could still get lunch. The waitress asked and said yes. By this time another guest had walked in and the waitress asked him if he would like lunch as well, he declined. Then about 2 minutes later I was approached and was told, No, the owner has now said that she will not do lunch for me after saying yes 2 minutes ago when she was asked, and I had to order a combo plate which was the same as lunch but larger, and $2.00 more. I didn’t want larger, I had already ordered an appetizer. So I approached the owner, and explained what had happened, and she knows who I am after 15-20 years of coming in there, and she got rude and nasty with me and said she couldn’t do lunch because I was 15 minutes late. By his time it was 2:44, and I told her I came in at 2:36. She still said no! I told her if that was her stance after it was offered by the waitress (after asking her), then taken away, that I would eat my appetizer and it surely would be the last time in her restaurant! She didn’t seem to care! Goodbye Peking house, 15-20 years of faithful service lost by 6 minutes and very bad and rude service!

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  • 11/01/2016

    Sfissfis tried Peking House in Lake Hollingsworth.

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