Cuban Pete's

 428 Bloomfield Ave
Montclair, NJ

Racist, abusive, nasty owner. Below average food.

Do yourself a favor and AVOID this place like The Plague. BOYCOTT!

We waited 90 mins for a table on a Friday @ 6:30pm, after being told 30 mins. Then when the owner/manager called our group of 5, he brought us back with another group of 8. It was very confusing and we were a mixed-up line of 13 people weaving thru spaces too small for a child. When we got to the back, he pointed to me from 15 feet away and I motioned to a 6-top table to ask if it was for us. Not realizing what party I was with, he corrected me and brought me to a tiny table for 4. When i mentioned that were 5 people, he got angry and told me to go back to the front and wait some more. I said “but sir, you called our name and brought us back here”, he grew twice as angry and started shouting at me “GO BACK TO THE FRONT AND WAIT”.

I said, “But I don’t understand, you personally brought us here!?”. Not realizing that he had already sat a few of my friends from the front of the line at a teeny tiny table meant for 3 ppl max. He then literally screamed at the top of his lungs at me “GO BACK NOW!!!” Completely shocked, I said “Why are you talking to me like this?”, to which he replied “YOU’RE OUTTA HERE, GET OUT OF MY RESTAURANT!!”

About 5 staff members stood around with a knowing look on their face, just shaking their heads. I asked one waiter “What’s with that guy?” to which he replied “Well he’s the owner, he just does whatever he wants”. At this point I realized that he didn’t know I was with the few ppl he had sat around the corner already, so 2 of us followed him and tried to explain. He then threatened us both with physical violence. No joke.

“DO YOU WANNA GET YOUR ASS KICKED? Leave now or I will get the Mexicans from the kitchen to come out here at beat the sh** out of you” Nothing like a shocking display of racism mixed with the threat of violence to make your birthday celebration extra special. If that’s what your looking for, Cuban Pete’s if your place!

As we all walked out (3 guys, 2 girls) he cursed at the females, and told the one guy with us who was latino “See what happens when you make friends with Gringos??”

I’ve worked for years in both casual and fine-dining restaurants, and I’ve never seen ANYONE treated this way. And a lot of fellow Yelpers have similar reviews for this place. The food is not good either, its just passable… why would you subject your friends and family to this, and why support this crazy, racist, abusive man? With a line out the door, he doesn’t value any customers whatsoever. BOYCOTT!

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