Live Edge Restaurant

 792 Cascade Avenue Southwest
Atlanta, GA

Do not go here!!

Sigh. Where to even begin. As I sit right now with one of dinner guests in the parking lot with a bootleg locksmith trying to get into her car. I made reservations here for my fiance’s birthday dinner based on the fact that it’s five minutes away from my new house and had such great reviews online. The plan was to have guests arrive first then bring my finance so we could all surprise him. I showed up early to bring in the cake, as previously discussed with the woman who made my reservation, and also to make sure my guests were seated. There was no parking. There was only valet and the line was a mile long. I didn’t want to wait in mile long ling to park valet just to take a cake inside and make sure my guests were seated. But I had no choice I guess. I sat for ten minutes​ in the line then decided to just guerilla park in the front of the building. I was obviously pressed for time. This should have been a red flag but silly me hoped it would not be an indication of how the night would go. After I came back with my fiance and we all were seated we were promptly notified that we had a two hour dining limit. Ok. Didn’t plan to stay over two hours but thanks for letting us know that before we even ordered ​anything. Especially considering it took 30 minutes to get ONE drink to our table. Another 30 minutes to get another drink. The waitress was literally bringing one drink at a time. When I complained she said the bar was understaffed and backed up. Ok. 45 minutes later everyone finally had their drinks. Mind you we’re still on a two hour time limit ha! When we finally got our food another 39 minutes later those two hours had been up. We pay. We leave only to notice two of our dinner party guests who had left at least twenty minutes before us were still in the parking lot. Apparently the valet broke her key and she could not get into her car. Like literally could not get into her freaking car even though she drove in and the valet parked it. The valet played stupid like they didn’t​ know what happened to the key but when she stated the key was broken and had been dropped and was missing a piece they were looking for the piece on the ground with flashlights. So even though we were on our way to another destination where we also had reservations we ended up sitting in the parking lot with our guest while she tried to get into her car. The restaurant shirked all responsibility and said we had to call the valet management. Two hours later and we’re still not in the car that we drove in and gave to valet in perfect working condition. This is unacceptable. I regret ever choosing this place as a location for our celebration. Even though I live five minutes away I will avoid this place like the plague and will make sure I make everyone I know aware of what happened. Worst experience ever and totally ruined my fiance’s birthday night.

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