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 569 Lexington Ave
New York, NY

The most awesome green tea lattes!

Ok, so this isn’t really a restaurant, more like a little green tea bakery. I was walking to buttercup bakery, and the pictures of the green tea lattes in the window caught my eye. I didn’t realize it at the time, but apparently, this little green tea shop has only been open for 4 days. Since we were on our way to get cupcakes but I was super thirsty (and LOVE matcha!), I decided to get the regular green tea latte.

Wow… so as soon as I ordered, the Japanese dude in the suit starts grinding the green tea leaves. Yes, the matcha is so fresh they grind it to order! They have a little mortar and pestle, grind the tea, and then create the drink. The green tea was probably the best quality green tea I’ve ever had (and it was very, very green), and even though it was milky and sweet, it wasn’t too milky or too sweet. Frankly, it was actually awesome.

The sad part for me was that for some reason, they can’t put whipped cream on their regular lattes. Milk Chocolate Green Tea Latte, Honey Green Tea Latte, and Ice Cream Green Tea Latte all come with whipped cream… but not the regular latte. I think it had to do with the pricing.

The only reason this place gets four stars instead of 5 is just b/c it’s pricey. I know it’s probably worth it for the quality of the green tea, but it’s a little ridiculous to pay $5-$6 for a small green tea latte.

They had a few other green tea goodies (cookies, chocolates, cheese cakes), as well as tea leaves, and regular tea drinks for sale, but everything was very, very expensive (about $4 for a small cookie). I’m sure it was all amazing, it’s just expensive.

Green Tea Latte

Really really good green tea, sweet and creamy, but not overly so.

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