Lucky Garden Restaurant

 10204 Se Mill Plain Blvd
Vancouver, WA

Very Misleading and food quality is terrible..

ust moved back from Portland to Vancouver and me and my partner were hungrey for some good chinese food… We passed by lucky garden a few days ago so we checked out there menu online and they got good ratings so we decided to call in an order. Online it says they have a dinner combination and lunch combination. So since it was noon and on line it says they serve lunch combination from 11 to 3 pm we decided to choose from lunch. On the phone with the women I told her we have decided to order a lunch combination and told we wanted number 2 and 7 and number 2 the sweet and sour chicken we would like the sweet and sour on the side… So I go to pick it up and grab a menu and pay for it I realized after paying for it that it was much more then it should have been. I asked the waitress why it was so much when we called we told her we were ordering the lunch combinations… So she tells me that they don’t serve lunch combinations or lunch specials on the weekends… I said well 1) you never said anything to me on the phone and 2) it doesn’t state anywhere on line that its only monday through friday and 3) No where in your take home menu does it say that it’s monday through friday. again all it says is from 11am to 3pm. I said so what the hell did I order? So I had to look up the dinner combinations which was totally different then the lunch combinations… So we got something totally differnt then what I thought we had ordered and they wouldn’t do anything about it… All she kept saying is I tell owner to change menu. I told her the website online and this take out menu is very misleading and that I ended up paying $27.00 for food that I didn’t orginally order. So I thought well I am stuck with this food so maybe what ever it is will be good… WRONG!! the barbacue pork was salty, the deep fried shrimp was salty, and the pork fried rice tasted burnt… So if I could have given this review a -1 I would have. if you do decided to try this place and its on the weekend and you order it from there website over the phone and its before 3 pm… they don’t serve lunch combinations or lunch specials on the weekend… Just dinner… Very misleading… I give this review a 2 thumbs down….

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