8130 Arlington Blvd
Falls Church, VA

Dont get the RIBS!!!!!

I recently had dinner there with my mom on Easter. Having eaten lunch there twice before and having been pleased, I thought “Why not try their dinner”. Big mistake.

In a nutshell, their cook does NOT know how to cook ribs, and I suspect they used an inferior brand. Not only that, my moms dinner, which was their “special” that night, consisted of two tiny stuffed chicken breasts (no larger than a large egg) and a huge mound of white rice with a touch of spices.

My rib meat was tough, not falling-off-the-bone like baby back ribs should be. There were clumps off fat attached, more so than you usually see on bb ribs.Not only that, the rib bones were short and fat, not short and thin like bb ribs usually look. That looked got me thinking they used inferior ribs.

I have always loved their french fries, but this time they were the plain, thin, frozen type you can cook yourself at home. I asked the waiter/manager about the fries, to which he answered that they switch them around every now and then and don’t always use the same vendor.

I did not complain about our entrées, mainly because my mom paid and I didn’t want to ruin the evening.

Every restaurant I’ve been too that serves ribs usually offers extra sauce, and/or at least wet wipes. Neither were offered. As I mentioned, the manager waited our table(the place was pretty empty).

Next time I will say something about a really disappointing meal.

BBQ Baby Back Ribs

Tough, chewy, inferior meat, more fatty than ususal.

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