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My favorite animal is steak. -- Fran Lebowitz

He who eats alone chokes alone. — Proverb

The story of barbecue is the story of America: Settlers arrive on great unspoiled continent, discover wondrous riches, set them on fire and eat them. — Vince Staten


Pinocchio's Pizza #1

 8400 Church Street
Gilroy, CA

Great Pizza in Gilroy California!

Gilroy is an unusual town…a traditional agricultural/cow-town just a little ways down the road from Silicon Valley, we’ve got one of the strangest combination populations you’ve ever seen. You’re as likely to hear a conversation about software spoken in English with a Bangalore lilt as you are to see gentlemen in wide brimmed cowboy hats chatting about their day in Spanish. It’s a great place to find delicious Mexican food…but what if you want pizza?

I came to California in the late 80s, and yet I still consider myself a New Yorker. One thing I know a little about is Pizza. Yeah, Pizza…I’ve been eating it all my life and coming from New York, I’ve developed what they call a discriminating Pizza palate. I’ve had the best! I’ve suffered through the worst, but I can truly say I know good pizza when I find it, which brings us to Pinocchio’s…

On an unlikely street corner in the middle of the city is a pizza place that’s been there for about 40 years! Businesses, especially restaurants don’t last that long unless they’re doing something right! Believe me you, these guys do everything right! Their Pizza is delicious! Crunchy/chewy crust, great sauce, and just enough cheese and pepperonis (a lot of getting a Pizza right is getting the quantities of ingredients…these guys got it dialed! and use high-quality ingredients too). The place is family-run, and the pizza is made with lots of love.

It takes a lot to get my approval on pizza…these guys got it!

P.S. Don’t forget the Cannoli for dessert…

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  • 2/27/2018

    Siacali tried Taurinus Brazilian Steakhouse in Downtown San Jose, liked it, and rated it . Siacali liked the food, liked the service, and liked the ambiance.

    Great Food, fantastic service
    Always request the smallest pieces of meat possible...that way each bite is fresh and delicious....also, you might almost have room to try them all!

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