Stripers Grille

 175 Bridge Rd
Salisbury, MA


Wow!! This was a place Samantha and I enjoyed many times. The last two visits were aweful!! It started with the salad bar. What no salad?? An empty bowl for at least 15 minutes. No bread at the salad bar? They have had a wonderful cutting board with bread, but just an empty basket. I ordered prime rib, I asked for it to be done rare, i like red rare prime rib. My gal ordered her usual, steak tips. The food took just under an hour, probably because it sat under a heat lamp for a while. The prime rib was shoe leather. Dry and well done. Her steak tips were like super balls!! Rubber… We sent both back. Within four minutes I got a wonderful prime rib just right, but My wifes dinner never came. I came to eat with my wife not eat infront of her!!! After waiting, no lie, another 55 minutes still no dinner for Samatha. We were told the kitchen is busy with a big party! Translation “you two don’t matter” Very bad!! The irony is that the owners were sitting at a table behind us punching away on their lap tops clearly oblivious to what was going on!! SAD!! We are local and boaters as well. We will be sharing our nightmare with others!!

steak tips

Never CAME!!!

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