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I’m a little person who can really pack it in. I hope to one day taste the kind of ramen that naruto enjoys at the Ichiraku Ramen House – it looks super gourmet!!


Cho Sun OK Restaurant

 4200 N Lincoln Ave
Chicago, IL

Real Koreans Eat Here

Wow. I’m surprised I haven’t reviewed this place yet. I’ve been here way too many times I suppose. And yes, the food is better here than San Soo Gap San. There, I’ve said it.

First, all the reviews below are correct. It is authentic Korean food. The waitresses barely know any English (it’s true!) and they can be a little rough around the edges (true Korean style). Don’t take it personally. They just get so busy. Motions, pointing at the menu, numbers – they all understand. The power is in the universal language of hunger. Second, real live Koreans eat here for every day meals. It’s cheap, hearty, and overall, a great place for families and friends. Maybe even for a hot date. Haha, just kidding. They kick you out pretty fast if the line starts to form by pushing the check and Double mint gum.


  • Get here before 6pm if at all possible. Make sure your entire party is there. The line goes out the door every single night. Doesn’t matter if it’s a weeknight. It gets packed because it’s a small space with only a few tables.
  • If you get the unmarinated meats to grill, this is the only time they will take the rice and all the side dishes at the very end and mix-grill it at the table for you.

Suhn Dubu

My absolute favorite. Super soft tofu in a spicy seafood broth.

Chadol Gui

A Korean favorite. The non-marinated thinly sliced meat that you smother with sesame seed oil sauce. For some reason, all the Korean guys usually LOVE it.

Bul - Go -gi

Everyone’s favorite. The marinated thinly sliced beef to grill in front of you.

Bibim Bap

This stands as a meal by itself. It’s rice, veggies, fried egg, and hot paste that you mix at the table. Very healthy.

Fried Dumplings

It’s filled with meat. They actually steam it first, then fry it. So good.

Haemul Pajeon

The non-Koreans really love the soft texture of this “seafood pancakes” or “seafood pizza”. I like it but I wish they put more seafood in it, like we do at home.

Jab Chae

Glass noodles with veggies and sesame seed oil.

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