China Garden

 2020 Grand Ave
West Des Moines, IA

took over 90 mins to get food

Took over 90 minutes to get my food! I placed the order online then 45 minutes later I call the restaurant inquiring about the food and the man tells me that it is on its way. 20 minutes later I call the restaurant back and now he cant find the order. Apparently they ran out of printer paper or something. I had to go pick up my food because he said it would be an additional 30 minutes to deliver my food. They refused to do anything to rectify the situation. I will never eat there again because of this. The food was wasn’t good either, the “fried” rice was mostly white rice with a few pieces of peas and egg. The crab Rangoon was soggy and not fluffy like I have had it at other places.

17. Sesame Chicken Dinner

was mostly breaded and barely any sesame seeds. it was also a small serving for 8.95

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