Manhattan Supper Club

 202 S Main St
Orange, CA

Now that's a steak

I went in to this place after hearing some great things about it. I am with out a doubt a steak lover, I have tried many restaurants in my time. I would have to say that with out a doubt the steak we all had at Manhattan Supper Club was the best steak I have ever had. By the way I have been back over 10 times since it opened. The service is great, but I do admit it wasn’t so good the first few months they were open. The owner told us he took control about 4 or 5 months ago and you can tell the difference. The owner is right in the mix of things taking orders serving tables and even bussing tables. I want this place to stay for a really long time. Oh and by the way the owner claims to have the best crab cake in California, so we all tried it, and couldn’t agree more. Wow….. that was the best crab cake I have had on the west coast. The chef is obviously very talented… The thing I like about this steak house is they have the best all natural steaks you will ever have, but they also have 7 or 8 items under $25 that are full meals with sides and sauces.

24 oz bone in Rib Eye

Wow there isn’t a steak like this available anywhere but at Manhattan Supper Club. It is more tender and juicy than my former favorite in Vegas. Mortons and the rest don’t come close to this steak. Don’t take my word for it try it yourself.

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