Jack in the Box

 900 Oakdale Rd
Modesto, CA

Poor customer service at 900 Oakdale Rd Jack in the Box

I have never experience worst customer service until I visited the Jack in the Box at 900 Oakdale Rd in Modesto Ca. The staff made a minor mistake by not including a order of curly fries that I paid for. Went I got home I discovered the missing item and went back to Jack in the Box, I tried to go inside but the doors were locked (it was after 11:00pm) so I had no option but to go through the drive-thru, I angrily told the person on the other end that they messed up my order, only to be told by the manager “Kayla Larson” that she refuses to wait on me because I used profanity. When I got to the window (I was calm by then) I had my receipt in hand as proof that I paid for an item that I did not receive, to my surprise no one came to the window, Instead the manager called the police! 5 minutes later 3 cop cars pulled up and asked me to leave the drive thru. Really!!! I said, 3 cop cars for curly fries!!! I apologized to the officers for having to waste their time for a call like this. One of the officers went inside and got me an order of curly fries. Another officer told me to complain to Jack in the Box corporate office about the lousy service I received. I took my bag of fries and got in my car and drove home, however I took the latter officer’s advice and Yelped it, twittered it, and called the general manager. As I believe the manager on that shift should be fired, because she displayed is the worst customer service skills ever! Kayla get out of the customer service business, because it is definitely not for you! Your action as ruined the reputation of the Jack in the Box franchises.

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