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No Pork On My Fork


Dog & Duck Food & Spirits

 1580 Old Trolley Rd.
Summerville, SC

I have always over looked this restaurant....

I have always over looked this restaurant. From a quick glance, I pretty much surmised that this was simply a local, yet popular bar. From Lunch time, and late into the night this place is packed. There is seating outside the resturant, and here is where there is usually a large amount of people crowded around a bar that extends outside.

My days of bar hopping have passed, so I usually skip these spots. But on a whim I decided to check out their lunch menu. Once you walk in to Dog in Duck, past the Bar, Multiple Flat Screen TVs, and Bar games, one can find a family style restaurant tucked off in the back… A quick glance of the menu reveals food not too different from the large chain family restaurants.

I opted for a sandwich, The Rachael to be precise. The Rachael was a thinly sliced NY Pastrami Sandwich done SC style (basically they threw in some SC Coleslaw in place of the NY Sauerkraut and brown mustard). I was honestly surprised, even after eating Carnegie’s world famous pastrami, this sandwich was pretty damned good!. It was on traditional seeded rye bread, which was grilled to give it a nice crunch and buttery taste. It didn’t match Carnegie’s size (who does?) but it was an over all good sandwich.

The service was good. My waitress was uber-happy. friendly to the point of annoyance. But she got her job done, without a complaint from me. I did notice on the way out that they have 39 cent wings on Tuesdays after 4:00, So I Most definitely will be returning to this place with a few friends.

Oh and as a side note, I enjoyed that fact that they serve Jo Jo’s on the menu as an option to fries. Its hard to find good Jo Jo’s or even someone who knows what Jo Jo’s are in the south. I have grown accustomed to asking for “big potato wedges”. But its good to have some Jo Jo’s reminiscent of “Grampy’s Gas Station” way back when.


Thinly Sliced NY Pastrami on Seeded rye with house made Cole slaw.
Very good, grilled bread was a good touch.

Added a side of Jo Jo’s for $.99

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