Don Cuco

 3991 Cochran St
Simi Valley, CA

A Cautionary Tale

If I could give them zero stars I certainly would. A cautionary tale – don’t go to Don Cuco restaurants. Last Saturday I was celebrating a birthday with a dozen people here. Food was mediocre at best, and the restaurant was hot and stuffy. I took off my favorite bracelets and put them on the seat next to me because they were bothering me in the heat. Twenty-three bead bracelets collected from around the world. About 2 minutes later my friend got ill and was taken away by ambulance to Providence Medical Ctr. In all of the commotion I forgot my bracelets, but fully expected that when I left the hospital and headed back there they’d be waiting for me. After all --- what kind of a person steals someone’s jewelry when their best friend was just taken away in an ambulance??? Manager took ZERO responsibility for them missing, even though no other guests were seated in that booth after us --- it was late at night --- I was in the furthest seat in the restaurant in the FAR BACK CORNER. No customers could have even seen these black bracelets on a black leatherette seat. NO WAY – NO HOW. So clearly they were stolen by an employee. The manager was rude and uncaring, had zero empathy and never even asked how my friend was doing in the hospital. A total jerk. I wouldn’t step foot in this place again and I’ll see to it through social media that plenty of others follow suit.

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