Simply Fondue @ Great Neck

 24 Great Neck Rd
Great Neck, NY

i would sue if i could

The place was nice, ambience was okay. We were greeted at the door by our waitress, PAM. She sat us down, gave us our menus, and explained the dining experience to us. So far, so good. She takes our orders, and after a minute or so comes back to ask us if we have any coupons. My bf and I went to try this place because we had a groupon, and as soon as I gave her the coupon, that was it. She was SNOTTY, and CONDESCENDING. She tried to rush us through our dinner, messed up our orders, and talked down to us. She was as rude as one can be without dropping any curses. Needless to say, DO NOT SIT WITH PAM. P-A-M. Shes a lady in her 50’s, blond hair, and I think she wore glasses.

Oh, and btw, she automatically tipped herself 18% on the check. I just signed the check since she decided to tip herself… I came home a couple days later and saw that she charged more than 100% of the bill as tip! I’m calling the restaurant and my bank to correct this.

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