Dial Arch

 The Warren Royal Arsenal
London, Greater London

great place

Sam’s lips slid along my neck as her hands caressed my arms and shoulders. I decided to let my hands wander and ran my palms along the soft smooth skin of her back. When I reached her waist, I paused before sliding further south and grabbing her ass.

Sam giggled in my ear, then moaned when I gave her cheeks a hard squeeze. Sam’s ass was small enough that her cheeks fit easily in my hands. I was surprised at how tight and firm it was. Of course, it wasn’t as if I’d really groped too many girls, but damn, she felt good.

Sam’s lips stopped exploring my neck and once again found my lips. This time . I eagerly accepted both her kiss and her tongue. Sam eased back slightly and grabbed my wrists. I let her guide my hands to her sides and when I used just my fingertips to caress her from her hips to the sides of her tits, she moaned.

I wanted to fondle them, but when I reached them, felt my stomach flutter.

Sam was pretty much naked and we were making out hot and heavy, but for some reason part of me still thought this could stop. Did I really want to cross that …

The decision was taken from me when Sam pressed my hands to her breasts. I gasped at how soft and firm they were.

Sam moaned in my ear when my palms rubbed across her hard nipples. “Yes,” she groaned. “Play with them.” When I caught her nipples between my fingers, she sighed, saying, “Hmm, just like that.”

Her hot breath in my ear and the sexy purr of her voice spurred me on. Cupping her tits, I fondled them while stroking her swollen flesh with my thumbs. Sam kissed me again and this time all but devoured my lips as I caressed her nipples. Her tongue plunged into my mouth and swirled around dancing across mine and tickling the roof of my mouth.

I slipped my tongue across hers and it occurred to me that there was a better place my tongue could be big ass pictures.

Sliding my lips from hers, I planned on targeting her nipple. Instead, as my lips worked down her throat, Sam let her head fall back and seeing the smooth skin of her neck, I kissed her. Sam sighed softly while I sucked on the soft skin just under her ear, and ran her hands over my chest, arms, shoulders as well as my back.

She was touching me with a lot more enthusiasm than someone just trying to help out a friend.

I was struck by the thought—one that now should have seemed obvious—that Sam had thought about this long before tonight. Working my lips down her neck, and I began kissing the top of her chest.

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