Pikes Diner

 921 Reisterstown Rd
Pikesville, MD

Profanity & Fighting in front of your children

Last night i took my children to this local restaurant since i heard such great things from the school. Well, to my surprised as we began to enjoy our dessert & meals, the distrubing loud profanity & noise, just made me so uncomfortable & tense. I asked several of the waitress is everything ok, I heard arguing & banging echoing from the kitchen & was told yes everything is fine. The waitress continued cleaning & fixing tables as the rude, vulgar words continued to bellow from the kitchen. At this point I’m unsure what to do. Is someone in the kitchen being attacked & hurt? Will my children & I be next? The waitress is going about things as normal. But at this point I’m afraid, can’t eat. I asked my children to get themselves together quickly. Then a gentleman came from the bar yelling ‘She would not act this way if Jews were eating here’. Again not sure what’s going on, I grabbed my children & hurried to the exit. I asked was mgnt here? Again to my surprised when I found out The person in the kitchen cursing & throwing things was the OWNER. Never, had i experience anything like this before in a family environment. If you go to Pike’s Diner make sure you keep your children close & eat with the keys in your hands. (You may have to run out)

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