901 S Dewey St
North Platte, NE

Don't Bother

Horrible place. Bad service, To get food you must hurry to buffet when they walk out with it or wait half an hour for the next pizza.

The floor in the restroom was hideous too, It was so slick an unstable walker would have hit the floor. Law suit waiting to happen.


Horrible place. Service sucked. They used to have the best salad bar in town. Now they have very few items on there. Their salad dressing looks watered down. We went there on the lunch hour 12-1. When we got there they had three nearly gone pizza’s on the buffet. We were there for 30 minutes and one pizza had been replaced and eaten and several customers including myself asked when we could be expecting more pizza. The response was we just put some in. They only had about 20 people there on the entire lunch hour. With service like this I guess that is why people don’t go there. I mean really when you go to a pizza buffet you expect to be able to get some pizza not have to fight a crowd for the one pizza they put out.

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