Checkmate Cafe

 900 South St
Roslindale, MA

Never Again!

I just got an order from them and their customer service is non-existent. This is the second time I have ordered and both times the delivery guy has did not have a slip and just quoted a price that was different from what was expected.

The first time I ordered the driver said he lost the slip and quoted me a price that I called to verify and it was two dollars more. I asked him for the menu they were supposed to include and he said, “It’s the same one you have.” I told him I was pretty sure this was an older menu and his attitude was like “whatever,” and “maybe next time.”

Again, the driver didn’t bring a slip. He asked why we needed it and then went back to his car. There were no individual prices on the slip; just a total scrawled at the bottom. This time the order was like $8 more than the lady who ordered said she was quoted and $5 more than my menu tally. I called to ask about it and the owner (?) was very, VERY rude. he said they never put prices on their slips and when I asked why, he said, “because I just don’t. That’s why you have a menu.”

Seriously? How about your driver never gives us a menu even though we ask for it? How about if that is the right menu, your prices STILL don’t add up – even after tax? How about Roslindale is inundated with sub shops to the point that we don’t have to put up with rude, shady businesses?

Too bad because the food was decent and we were thinking Checkmate would be the new go-to spot but now no one here want’s to do business with them. Not that they care since he told me he was busy when I complained about his/their attitudes.

Sub, chicken, french fries

The food is good (my portion of it) but the fries were cold. I didn’t have the wing dings but I hope that was a small because there weren’t a lot in it.

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