Mississippi Belle

 101 2nd St E
Hastings, MN


The sign on the restaurant says Mississippi Belle Italian Restaurant & Lounge, but there is more too it then that. They do serve wonderful Italian food as my friends can attest; however, that certainly is not the surprise. I had a dish unlike any other and had ever tried or heard of. It really had no name just a detailed description: Two broiled chicken breasts smothered in applewood smoked cheddar served over a brandied marscapone cream sauce with a chipoltle apple cider reduction. My waitress informed me that the owner had created the dish that very morning and it was meant to have an autumnal feel. Now you would think – too involved, too much going on. The dish was sublime, reserved and perfectly balanced. The chicken breast were expertly cooked the richness of the marscapone cream was cut by the acidity and tartness of the apple cider sauce, the chipoltles added a smokiness that mirrored the cheddar without being overpoweringly hot. I was delighted and will certainly be back.

Chicken breasts with applewood smoked cheddar over brandied marscapone cream sauce with a chipotle a

Outstanding and inventive

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