Charley's Grilled Subs

 14071 W Bell Rd, Ste 104
Surprise, AZ


My daughter and I went into Charlies at 14071 W Bell tonight. Upon walking in
the door, the place looked dingy and much like it had not been cleaned in
awhile. There was no one to greet us at the counter. In fact there was no
employee in the restaurant for over six minutes as we waited to be helped. Three
customers sat to one side and they were the only ones present. After waiting six
minutes I went to the door of the manager’s office, opened it and asked if
anyone was working. Three employees, one being the manager all came from outside
the back door, visible from where I was standing and rushed forward to assist
me. However, not one washed his or her hands until I asked them to. The floor
was not swept and the salt and other slippery material on it almost made me fall
twice. The customers to the side even asked if I was ok. The employees did not.
The counters, sanitary glass covering the grill and food containers, and the
grill itself were all filthy with splatters of product everywhere. The
condiments including vegetables were dried and crusty, clinging to the cutting
board of which had not been cleaned either. The place was disgusting! When I
asked for the manager and owner information, the young lady (not the manager)
refused to give it to me stating they don’t give out that information. I will
never patronize that restaurant again. Under its previous owner, we went there a
lot. The place use to be immaculate with great service. Now it is disgusting and
the service is incredibly poor.

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