LA Casita Mexicana

 4030 Gage Ave
Bell, CA

Incredibly Complex and Delicous Guadalajaran Cuisine

We are used to burritos, tacos, and quesadillas as typical Mexican food. Now we are more aware of Oaxacan moles. La Casita Mexicana showcases and serves food from the Guadalajaran region of Mexico. I really had a duh moment when I realized I hadn’t thought of Mexico as a huge country with regional differences. I was surprised at the subtle, complex, fresh, light, and delicate but very familiar taste of the cuisine served in this restaurant.

I usually stay away from Mexican food if I’m trying to eat healthy but I realize that this food is fresh and much of it is also healthy. I immediately fell in love with the fresh nutty taste of the sauces and moles that reminded me of my Korean grandmothers home ground meals and beans. The fragrant herbs and vegetables in their salsa are enticing in its strong just picked aroma and flavor. I’ve eaten many dishes there and there are dishes for every taste.

Chili En Nogada at LA Casita Mexicana

Chili En Nogada

This dish is a painting of green chile poblano, creamy white pecan sauce, and bright jeweled scattering of pomegranate seeds. When you break the chile open, dark brown ground pork with dried fruits, walnuts, and candied cactus comes tumbling out. Everything in this dish is addictive and incredibly unusual and delicious.

Traditional Mole Poblano with Chicken at LA Casita Mexicana

Traditional Mole Poblano with Chicken

The sauce is dark and chocolatey velvet over tender chicken. It is an incredible combination of subtly sweet with juicy meat.

Churros at LA Casita Mexicana


Hot crunchy sugar coated churros. What more could you want? Wait, there’s a burst of hot creamy filling that makes it extra special. Mmmm try it with their Mexican coffee.

Aztec Cheese at LA Casita Mexicana

Aztec Cheese

How could you not enjoy a combination of various cheeses especially in the masterful hand of the chefs at La Casita? The four Mexican cheeses are melted all over mushrooms and herbs. Mmm

Divorced Chilaquiles at LA Casita Mexicana

Divorced Chilaquiles

All their chilaquiles are flavorful and crunchy. I liked all their sauces on the light hot chips. In this dish half of the tortillas is topped with salsa verde and the other with a red chili sauce.

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